Learning and Shopping Amazon

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Learning and Shopping Amazon


Do you want to know the truth?

Blogging is mainly a hobby for me. I enjoy the catharsis of writing. It is good for my soul, but like many things that are good for us, it is sometimes hard to make myself sit down and write. Having a blog keeps me accountable to the discipline of continuous writing. While I am passionate about writing, it is still a lot of work creating a website. For this reason, I have been looking into ways to incorporate content from time to time that might allow me to monetize my blog in some way. Another truth: I LOVE Amazon like a fat kid loves cake. It logically follows that the Amazon Associates program should be my first attempt at "monetizing" my blog.

This article serves 2 purposes.The first is to help me learn about the Amazon Associates program, the application process, and how to create links. The second is to share with you all some fun things that I have found on Amazon and LOVE! Some of my favorite blog posts by others are simple lists of good finds. These are all things that I have actually bought on Amazon over the last month or so and recommend. Even better, there is nothing over $40.00 on my list, because I love a good bargain!

1. Boho Dress- I am obsessed with this flowy, embroidered, bohemian-style dress. The ruffles on the sleeves add a fun feminine flair and you can tell that the dress is very well made. Everything about wearing this dress makes me feel pretty and twirly. 5 stars for this one!


2. Tassle Earrings- I was skeptical about the tassle earring trend. I thought for sure that they would drive me crazy or just look ridiculous. Because I wasn't sure, I decided to start with a cheaper pair from Amazon. I discovered that I actually LOVE these earrings. They are not heavy and really don't bother me in the way that I expected. I also really like how they look with my boho dress.


3. Seagrass Belly Basket- I bought this big basket to hold my faux fiddle leaf fig tree. It is flexible, beautiful, and very large! I love the way that it looks with my fiddle leaf.


4. Mifold Grab-and- Go Car Booster Seat- This is a very small and portable booster seat for older kids. I bought these to fit in my small Jeep Cherokee. Because all three of my kids sit across the bench seat, I don't have room for the huge bulky booster seats. Traditional booster seats lift the child up so that the seatbelt crosses their chest and lap in the correct place. This car seat lowers the belt to fit around the child snuggly. It is just as safe as the traditional booster but much smaller. While this seat is amazing for travel and transferring cars (you can send it with your child to school in their backpack or carry it through the airport with no trouble), it is not the easiest for everyday use. My boys (6 and 4) can easily buckle themselves into normal booster seats, but I have to help them buckle correctly every time with this seat. I highly recommend it for travel or for grandparents.


5. Phone Tripod- This is the nifty little tripod that I use to take photos of myself for the blog. It comes with a handy Bluetooth remote so that you can click photos from far away. In every picture I take of myself, that little clicker is hidden somewhere. Now you can try to spot it! I also really like the flexible legs so that I can find the perfect position for the photo.


6. Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes- I went to a baby shower last month and this is the toy that I include in every baby shower gift. I usually try to buy something off of their registry and add this in as a bonus. Each of my babies loved this simple toy.

7. Upbloom Plant Waterer- This flexible plant waterer is a life saver for watering my hanging plant baskets.

8. Felt Letter Board-I think that if you have a blog, you are required to buy one of these felt boards. So I did.

9. Hawkwell Kid's Slip-On Shoes-My boys go through shoes like nobody's business. I have been on the hunt for a cheaper athletic shoe that hold up well. I have been very impressed by these! I bought a pair of Champion athletic shoes from Target for my other son at the same time and they are already destroyed. I am about to buy another pair of these so that both of my boys have a pair. I also love that they are very easy to slip-on.

10. Double Plant Hanger- I have an affinity for plants. Hanging plants in particular.

I hope that you find my list to be a good resource for your next Amazon purchase!

I was very satisfied with the application process for the Amazon Associates program. It was extremely simple and user-friendly. The Associates' Central page allows you to search for products and create links specific to your account with one easy step. Of course, leave it to Amazon to make things quick and easy for everyone!

Obviously, I have made all of these links above affiliate links. I promise to only ever share things that I have bought, have personal experience with, and love.

What is something that you have found on Amazon recently that you love?

xoxo, MRH

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